Why Feet Are Actually The WOAT

  1. They’re disgusting
  2. They harbor bacteria and fungus 
  3. They touch literally everything
  4. They have so many appendages but you still feel like you need a thumb-like thing but there just isn’t one there 
  5. They look weird and nobody’s look the same
  6. Toenails 
  7. Blisters
  8. Bunions 
  9. They get really sweaty 
  10. They come in different sizes
  11. They smell
  12. Some people get oddly turned on by them
  13. People can do weird things with their feet 
  14. They are leg hands but useless
  15. Some are like hairy ???????? ew 

*THIS HAS BEEN A PAID ADVERTISEMENT: Most feet are like this, but not mine. If you want to buy pics of some great looking feet, DM me for reasonable regular prices, bulk deals, and clearance options.

**THIS HAS ACTUALLY BEEN A PUBLIC AWARENESS POST: Say no to drugs. Or at the very least, keep shoes and socks securely on feet before ingesting the fumes of marijuana. The consequences could be writing and posting an article like this on the internet.

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