The UPenn 2019 Halloween Guide…..CRAP We Missed Our Deadline

Well folks, the Halloween season is approaching. Pick out your costume, buy a massive bag of candy, and get strapped in for a Halloweekend filled with excitement, parties, scares, and……fuck we missed our deadline didn’t we. What day is it now? November 6th? How did this happen guys? Come on, we had all year to plan this one. What do you mean it slipped through the cracks? It’s HALLOWEEN!!! Don’t try to tell me you forgot the date, it’s the 31st every year man…….no no it’s ok I’m not angry at you it’s just …frustrating, you know? Things have been hard for me lately I’m not trying to take it out on you guys you know I love you all it’s just……School has been really wearing me down lately. And to top things off my uncle’s heart problems are acting up…..And things aren’t going to great with my girlfriend either. Yeah I know you guys are here for me I know I can always count on the staff at the Punch Bowl for support. You guys are the best. Thanks guys, I mean it. No it’s ok. It’s ok. I feel better. Got that out of my system. Ok. So. I guess let’s get started on next year’s Halloween issue? We have 359 days to get this one together!

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