“Mask and Wig” Club Founded for Students Interested in Costume Design

A new club has recently started at the University of Pennsylvania for students interested in costume fabrication. The club, which states that it aims to specialize in the design and creation of accoutrements for the head, will go by “the Mask and Wig Club,” in keeping with its specific interests.

“Well there just wasn’t a club on campus that filled this niche,” replied club founder Marcus Thompson when reached for comment. “We realized that there must be a lot of students out there who would want to join our “Mask and Wig” club. We’re really proud of the name, too. It’s classy and transparent, so I think a lot of people are going to be drawn to it.”

When informed that there is already an extant theatre troupe on campus known as “the Mask and Wig Club,” Thompson seemed flustered: “well… they must be some new upstarts. …trying to compete with us I suppose …You know, I’m not surprised. It’s Penn! People are so competitive here.”

Upon learning that the theatre club of the same name was founded 130 years ago, Thompson pondered for a few moments until a spark returned to his eyes and he responded, “No matter, we’ll pick another name I guess. Maybe ‘Under the Button?’ You know, because we’re gonna be sewing things? That one can’t be taken yet, can it?”

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