Your Major Based on your Birth Month

With easy access to a seemingly infinite sea of zodiac signs and astrological charts, you often find yourself sitting in bed at night trying to find out what colored crayon you are based on your birthday month. Since people live their lives and make their daily decisions based upon their horoscopes, we have compiled the best and completely accurate horoscope to date, thanks to resources from Penn’s highly respected research institutions. Here are your Penn majors, based on your birth month:


Aries: Legal Studies & Business Ethics (Management track)

Hot-headed and like to boss people around


Taurus: Finance or Law and Society

Stubborn and fight for what they want 


Gemini: Communication

Wont stop talking


Cancer: Psychology

Super emotional and deal with other people’s shit


Leo: Marketing

Conceited and self-involved but aware of societal standards


Virgo: Sociology

Pragmatic but don’t reveal their feelings


Libra: Criminology

Diplomatic idealists


Scorpio: Biochemistry

Passionate human contact


Saggitarius: English

Hippie dippie journalists


Capricorn: MEAM 

Built to work 


Aquarius: Theatre Arts

Don’t care what others think of them 


Pisces: Fine Arts

Creative weirdos 

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