SHOCKING! Marketing Major Watches Super Bowl for the Football

As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, many people nationwide are preparing to watch the country’s largest advertisement showcase. However, a local student claims that he intends to watch the event for an odd, even seemingly perverse reason: the football. That’s right, University of Pennsylvania’s marketing major Andrew Rich (W ’21) intends to tune in for the actual game, where two teams of extremely large men attempt to transport an irregularly shaped ball across a very long field.

When reached for comment, Rich defended his position: “Well, a lot of my friends watch the Super Bowl just for the ads, you know, and they expect me to do the same, which is unsurprising considering what I study. And I’m not knocking its bonafides- I mean the Aflac duck, the Budweiser Clydesdales, the Geico Gecko- those are all classics, and I’m sure they’ll make a strong showing. But my friends are shocked when I say I’m more interested in watching the actual game; I mean the Chiefs versus the 49ers? That’s a match-up for the ages!”

Though Rich’s position may seem shocking, numbers show that it is more prevalent than one might believe; a recent survey poll shows that 3% of all Super Bowl viewers care more about the game than the ads. That number may seem insignificant at first, but when one considers that last year’s broadcast attracted 98.2 million viewers, that 3% is no small number.

Regardless of your viewing preference, the February 2nd match-up between the Kansas City Chiefs and the team that had the guy who started the kneeling-during-the-anthem controversy is sure to be positively bursting with memorable commercials for the whole family. 

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