Super Bowl Ads Spawn Boycotts of 14 Different Companies

During Super Bowl Sunday, the only things that non-NFL enthusiasts could look forward to were the commercials and the food. After conducting extensive Twitter research, Punch Bowl’s very own investigative team concluded that of the roughly 50 commercials aired during this year’s big game, only 14 of them incited company boycotts, down from last year’s count of 18. 

So why the sudden change? It would appear that overall, these commercials simply weren’t as adventurous or outlandish as in years prior. While certain ads like the Rocket Mortgage one featuring Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa started boycotts for seemingly poking fun at people with hair loss and having Captain America’s pre-serum body, others simply didn’t have enough going on to warrant anybody’s anger.

However, this is not to say that advertisers are getting more “woke” this year, as they are still hopelessly out of touch with our modern times. Instead, they’ve succeeded in becoming so afraid to rock the boat that in just 20 years’ time, Super Bowl ads will likely be reduced to nothing more than a silent commercial featuring a company’s logo over a grey background. 

Other winners of this year’s Boycott Bowl (sponsored by Twitter) were Audi’s “Let it Go” commercial featuring Maisie Williams, which critics say presented a troubling narrative that ignored climate change, and Hyundai’s “Smaaht Paahk” commercial, which had the entire city of Boston in a frenzy. Seeing as it’s Boston though, nobody actually cares. We’re all just happy Tom Brady kept his Super Bowl appearance this year limited to a 30 second Hulu ad.

Some of these may seem like a stretch, but hey, it’s 2020 now. You either get with the times, or you get #cancelled. Choose wisely.


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