DP Reporter fails to mention that Trump was a Wharton graduate, promptly fired

A DP reporter, who referred to Donald Trump and Joe Biden without mentioning that they were a 1968 Wharton Graduate and a former Penn Presidential Professor of Practice Joe Biden respectively, has been fired from the prestigious newspaper establishment. 

It is common knowledge that when writing about notable persons for the Daily Pennsylvanian (the DP), it is absolutely critical that one stresses any ties the person may have to the University of Pennsylvania. 

That’s why all 5 loyal readers of the DP, who clicked into Monday night’s top story, were shocked and upset to find that the journalist covering the 2020 election did not mention that Trump was a 1968 Wharton graduate, or that Biden was a former Penn Presidential Professor of Practise. 

“If the journalist doesn’t mention that Trump was a 1968 Wharton graduate, how else will the school maintain its image of being a politically relevant and prestigious institution?” Wrote one reader, a W’65 graduate, on Facebook. 

“New articles with no relation to the University of Pennsylvania really don’t interest me,” wrote another reader, a W’01 graduate. 

DP Response

The journalist in question, college sophomore Frankie Franco expressed distress that she was fired for such a simple error. 

“I don’t see why people are so fired up,” she argued. “The article was about mail in ballots, and really didn’t talk about Trump or Biden at all.” 

The DP’s response was instantaneous, pulling the article and firing the journalist in question. They then issued the following statement:

“We recognize the harm our alumni experienced, and we want to apologize for and address the mistakes we made with the article. Any journalists that fail to mention the connection between Trump and his 1968 Wharton degree have no place in our newspaper.” 

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