10 Tips to Help You Procrastinate Guilt-Free!

  1. Just Do Nothing: You owe it to yourself to do the best work you can. This requires having the right mindset for work. If you’re not ready to get that work done as your best self, then you should wait until you are.
  2. Eating: You need to eat. Eating instead of working is often seen as procrastination, but your body needs fuel. It is healthier to eat and avoid work than to do work and ignore your body.
  3. Petting your dog: Dogs need love too, and in today’s high stress environment, dogs need even more love and attention. Also, petting a dog can be a great de-stresser, as well as a way to bring you happiness.
  4. House Work: Things always need to get done, even if that paper’s due in an hour and you haven’t started yet. You don’t need to be unproductive just to avoid being productive. You can work for hours, and still not complete your most important tasks!
  5. Sleeping: see “2. Eating” and substitute the word sleep
  6. Socializing: Besides being good for mental health, getting social interaction is hard to come by these days. You wouldn’t want to pass up that opportunity to hang out with friends, should it ever actually arise.
  7. Watching TikToks:  Watching TikToks can remind you of what a sad life you have. While it may seem counterintuitive, this will give you a sudden (short lived) burst of productivity which is just enough to finish one overdue assignment. Now your life’s back on track!
  8. Playing video games: Use the most violent game you’ve got to turn all that self hatred into a healthier hatred of others. Then let all that anger be released onto the vile 12 year olds you play against, because they probably deserve it. 
  9. Drinking: It’s late at night right? No? Well you still need to relax. Sometimes having a drink or two can help you calm down and recenter. Or you could have 12 and call it self-care night. Then you’ll be fresh as a daisy in like a day and half after a shower. 
  10. Cry: My favorite of all the options! Just let all those pesky emotions out until you’re dry and dead inside. Without the constant spiral of deteriorating mental health to bug you, you can focus up and get things done. Well, that, or go into a coma. Both work equally well, I guess…

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