Tiffany Trump To Remove All T’s from Her Name

After hosting a “Trump Pride” event in Tampa earlier this month, Tiffany Trump has announced that she will remove all T’s from her name. The announcement follows Rump’s widely criticized decision to exclude the letter T from the acronym LGBTQIA+ when speaking at the event.

“My name just had too many letters, and I had to draw the line somewhere,” Rump said. “Otherwise, my name would’ve become Tiffany Trumpqrstuvwxyz+.”

The Human Rights campaign has issued a statement that they are baffled by Rump’s decision.

“Leaving the T out of LGBTQIA+ is woefully ignorant and transphobic,” the statement reads, “but leaving the T out of Rump’s own name is just stupid.”

Rump is set to release her memoir, I Am Iffany, on November 2. She said the first stop on her book tour will be Ampa, Florida.

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