Help! I Have Fallen out of the Universe


Is anyone out there? Do you read me?

I think I have fallen out of the universe! 

I suddenly find myself completely alone and surrounded by white walls in a narrow hallway that leads to nowhere. I haven’t spoken to another human being in 48 hours and I think I’m losing it. Please, if you receive this message, tell me where I am!!

My roommates went home for Easter but they should be back by now. I have neither heard nor seen anything from either of them since Thursday afternoon. One said she would be back on Sunday but it is now Monday night and there’s been nothing! I have sent several messages with not so much as a read receipt. I think I have somehow fallen out of the universe and that they are currently in our normal Harrison dorm and found me missing instead! Things look the same but this is either a simulation or I am in another plane of existence.

All my attempts to communicate with the original universe have been unsuccessful. My friends have ignored my requests for lunch as well as any attempts to schedule meetups. I have heard from no one. My 37 snapchats to my crush have all gone unread. I am worried that my communications are not reaching our original universe. 

I braved the outdoors this past Sunday only to find further proof that I am not in our original universe. ACME was missing. Well, it was closed, which is just as rare and scary. In addition, shops all around me were “closed” with dark lights and things covering the windows. Even Allegros was closed. I appear to be in some kind of shadow universe that closely mimics our original one with strange, disconcerting differences. 

Further proof of my theory was evidenced when I attempted to go to office hours. This desperate attempt for human interaction failed me when my TA didn’t show up. The zoom meeting remained on the “Please wait for the host to start this meeting” page for the entire hour. 

The only explanation for all these combined events is that I have somehow exited our plane of existence and fallen into another one. 

Oh wait… 

It’s just Easter… so everything’s closed

And I’m not getting any messages…

Cause no one likes me… 


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