What Does Your Spring 2021 Hyper-fixation Say About You? 

Let’s be real: EVERYONE went through a series of Internet-based coping mechanisms to deal with the decrease in social activities and subsequent dearth in serotonin, right? Right? 

Ludwig/OTV/Twitch Mafia 

You’re a wholesome person, who enjoys the feeling of community. But, Ludwig said it best: He is not your friend :// I’m sorry you had to replace real life friends with parasocial Internet streamers, get well soon!

Recommended Fall Course: COMM 301: Understanding the Political Economy of Media


You’re a very motivated person, with an entrepreneurial spirit. But, if you’re hoping to be the next Roaring Kitty, you might need to pay more attention in accounting class. Try not to spend your college fund on Blockbuster! 

Recommended Fall Course: FNCE 250: Venture Capital and the Finance Innovation

Falcon and the Winter Soldier/Wanda Vision 

You’re a loyal person. While most people realized that Marvel was kind of, well, boring, during 2020, you persisted! Can you really recapture the youthful naivety you once felt watching Iron Man for the first time though? 

Recommended Fall Course: SOCI 003: Deviance and Social Control

Supernatural (CW Show) 

You’re an eccentric person, with a very “Internet” sense of humor. But, if you hyper fixated on the CW show Supernatural in the year of our lord 2021, you probably have an addictive personality and should avoid cocaine where possible. 

Recommended Fall Course: GSWS 302: Queer Cinema / PSYC162: Abnormal Psychology

Sea Shanty Tiktok 

You’re a creative person, with an appreciation of the classics. Who am I to hate on something objectively wholesome? (Your scottish accent is like, really bad though :/ ) 

Recommended Fall Course: ENGL 047: Scottish Literature 

90 Day Fiance/Love Island/The next big reality TV Show 

You’re a charismatic person, with a high tolerance for the terrible. You’re probably running away from having to use more than 3 brain cells outside of class, and honestly, same, 

Recommended Fall Course: PHIL 281: Philosophical Issues Around Love and Sex

The Ship that blocked the Suez Canal 

You’re a friendly person, and the life of any meme chat. Your mental health is probably hanging on by a thread. There’s something that’s blocking access to dopamine and serotonin in your brain, almost, like a, diagonal, blockade, perhaps, by a large object… 

Recommended Fall Course: MGMT111 – Multinational Management 

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