I get it. You majored in the ~interdisciplinary~ humanities because you cared about the ways in which interlocking sociopolitical factors impact society. And the readings about the impact of race, class, and gender on society were really great! But now you have to come up with weekly questions about the readings for class, there is simply no thought left in your mind.

But fear not! With my Humanities Weekly Response Generator, I’ve simplified all interdisciplinary humanities course themes into one simple table. Simply mix and match A+B+C+D+E+F, smash it into Canvas, and go back to wondering why you’re getting a humanities degree!

The Humanities Weekly Question Generator

“A core theme emergent from the readings is…”“…the interplay between race, class, and gender.”“However, [READING X] and [READING Y] disagree with regards…”“…the contemporary impact of structural violence on underrepresented communities.”“In all, this makes me question – ““What are our responsibilities, as people, as scholars, and as members of this community, to correcting such structural inequalities?”
“[READING AUTHOR] interrogates…”  “…the way in which contemporary ideas are deeply influenced by history.” “However, [READING AUTHOR] neglects to consider…” “…the mechanisms by which social inequalities are reproduced.” “I’m wondering how other people think about this question:”“In what way do current reforms, even seemingly progressive ones, reflect and reinforce hegemonic structures? What is gained and what is lost from the institutionalization of social problems?”
“In all, this raises the question about…”“the dominance of a Western, “modern” framework for understanding knowledge and expertise.” “[READING AUTHOR] goes even further, to discuss…”  “…the moral and civic responsibilities of private and public bodies.”“Question:” “Are the problems we experience today a product of modernity that requires us to look backwards, or are they novel issues that require us to reframe the question entirely?”
“In fact, this article is part of a broader conversation about…”  “…the troubling way in which certain voices are marginalised and silenced.”  “READING AUTHOR’S] perspective, however, is complicated by…” “…the ways in which dynamic local contexts cannot be more broadly generalized.”“This raises the question-““How are such ideas about race and gender contextualized elsewhere, and across history? What are the limitations of only approaching this issue from a Western-centric perspective?
“This reading challenges dominant narratives about…” “…the often subtle ways socioeconomic factors influence policy.”  “This reading challenges previous discussions in class, about…” “…the ways in which academia itself upholds social hierarchies.” “I’m interested in engaging with the question-““How does the language and rhetoric we use to discuss such issues affect our understanding and treatment of the topic?

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