The Oscars Game/Academy All-Stars Live Blog 2012

Tonight, I’m going to attempt something new. Two of my favorite events, the NBA All-Star Game and the Academy Awards, are airing at the same time. Therefore, I’ve set up two TVs in my room so I could live-blog both events at the same time.

–       Billy Crystal opens the Oscars with a song and dance about the nine Best Picture nominees. He’s reinventing the wheel here, transforming it into a slightly older, more deflated wheel.

–       The Eastern Conference All-Stars are introduced. LeBron James and Dwight Howard start dancing, if only to bulk up their resume for when they apply for Dancing with the Stars in 15 years.

–       Hugo takes home the first two awards of the night. Just like in their film itself, The Artist probably won’t make much noise until the end of the night.

–       Thunderous jam by LeBron. Much like the Thunder, it was the best that the first half had to offer and was only possible after a big steal (sorry, Seattle).

–       Blogging for both of these at the same time is easier than I thought!

–       Still disappointed that Rajon Rondo didn’t get recognized. He absolutely carried The Boston Celtics. A moving performance.

–       Jeremy Lin is too young to be recognized by this Academy, by sometime his day will come.

–       They’re screening highlights from last night’s lifetime achievement awards dinner. Cedric Ceballos looked so humbled, yet proud.

–       Still disappointed that Tilda Swinton got snubbed. She put We Need to Talk About Kevin on her back this season, despite all of her injuries.

–       Ricky Rubio looks so smug with that camera shoved in his face. Go make another Iron Man movie and leave us alone!

–       Looks like tonight was able to be saved, even though David Stern cut Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy because they wanted small-market revenue sharing in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

–       They’re showing highlights of last night. Still can’t believe Nick Nolte was glowing in the dark.

–       Now they’re presenting the Kia Technical Shooting Stars Awards to some visual effects guys who retired 20 years ago. Glad that Allan Houston won!

–       Pitbull is rocking this Oscars halftime show.

–       I like the retro look that Cirque du Soleil is going for at the All-Star game, too. Nothing like watching acrobats with Dr. J afros flip through the air.

–       Say what you want about Max von Sydow, but that guy knows how to show up on the biggest stage. He’s woofing at the crowd now.

–       Ferrell and Galifianakis are lighting it up right now, showing the rest of the country what’s going on in Lol City.

–       Given his performance tonight, Jean Dujardin better win the MVP award, even though he plays in a small market.

–       Tony Parker looks so washed up in that Giambatta Valli Couture gown from the Spring 2012 collection. Dude should just give up.

–       Seeing Meryl Streep pass Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring list is disappointing, especially when Viola Davis has never won the award.

–       Game over! The Artist wins by 35 over The Descendants, and will retain home field production throughout the awards season. Uggie, you’re an underdog no longer.

Next up: I simultaneously live-blog the Indy 500 and the Tony Awards for all of those big fans of both! See you next time!

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