I thought this day would never come, the day my father Arthur Osgood is finally leaving the old family business for good. As all of you know, it just won’t be the same without him, that’s for sure. When he started this company 40 years ago, it was a small radish manufacturer that no one had ever heard of. Now, after four decades of growth and hard work, my father is leaving this company as the number 3 radish producer in the entire western United States. My father came to this country as an immigrant from Sweden in 1968 and spent every day since he arrived working his tail off to get bread for his family. He started in the fish hatchery at the age of 16 without a lick of English, but through hard work and determination he became a shift lead at the age of 18 and foreman by the time he was 19. At 20, he left to start the Osgood Radish and Turnip Company. Those of you who know my father best know how much he has earned this very special day. He was always a pleasure in the office, talking to you all about your children, your spouses, your new car Mrs. Powlie—yep, he has always been a true gentleman. For this reason I encourage you to all enjoy the cake in the back in honor of his distinguished career in radish procurement and sales. I myself have been waiting for this day for a long time. My father has set the bar quite high, but I hope to continue his legacy as we enter this exciting new era of the company, which is why I killed him in the first place.

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