Punch Bowl’s New Line of Products Just For Women!

In this man-centric world, too many products are designed with the masculine brain in mind.  Women have long craved products tailored to their tastes… and now they can have them!  From the people who brought you the BIC© For Her Ballpoint Pens comes a new line of products designed by men, just for women!  Introducing…

Forks for women!

Do you find eating with forks extremely challenging?  Do you frequently lose your grip, accidentally stab yourself, or simply tire of your boring, caveman-like cutlery?  Well step aside, ladies – the Skinny Betch© fork is here!  The Betch© is completely vegan and only allows you to consume 500 calories before it miraculously stops working!  Women love the lightweight, nonslip handle and rounded tines.  Best of all, it doubles as a trendy hair accessory so you can keep the Skinny Betch© with you all day long!









Chairs for women!

Does your chair make you feel oppressed by the patriarchy?  Sounds like it’s time to invest in a brand-new Blossom© chair!  The Blossom© instantly takes off 10-15 pounds with its ergonomic design and shiny fuchsia leg thingys.  Best of all, an unassuming remote allows you to control the vibrating seat!  Discreetly enjoy light, medium, and turbo modes while you file, answer calls, and fetch coffee for your boss!


Printers for women!

Do you find printers incredibly confusing?  Do you find yourself constantly asking the IT guy to fix that menacing machine?  Never fear – your worries are through with our Magic Stardust© printer just for women!  Our model features dazzling stars, fun colors, and one simple button that does just what it says!*

*Use the emergency lever on the back to summon that friendly IT guy again. 







Books for women!

Are the women in your life tired of reading?  No wonder!  Books for adults frequently use long, difficult words, math, and small, boring type – impossible for a normal girl to understand!  Our books feature large, bedazzled letters and plenty of pictures on every page to keep things interesting for today’s woman!  Every five pages, the book pays her a heartfelt compliment to raise her fragile self-esteem.


Products available exclusively from Punch Bowl.  Please ask a responsible male to call, order, and pay!

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  1. I’m very disappointed that I can’t also order my ePad Femme from you. Apologies if i just missed it on your page as I don’t have a responsible male here to check for me. I would so love to get my hands on one of those vegan forks, though. I’ve heard that meat and dairy-derived forks are really bad for skin tone.

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