How To Throw a Super Bowl Party

Throwing a Super Bowl Party but afraid you’ll make embarrassing mistakes? Staff Super Bowl expert Jeffrey Silver has tips and tricks to get you through the night!

1. Invite a friend! – Call or text a friend and invite them over to watch the big game at your place. Your invite should be casual, but it should also let your guest know that you’re interested in spending the evening with them.

2. Clean up! – Before your company even responds to your invite, start to tidy up the place. Organize your desk, hang up the clothes that are on the floor, and, most importantly, make your bed. The first impression of your room is a huge factor in the overall success of your party, so make sure it looks top notch.

3. If time permits, shower! – Taking a shower is something that will be noticed, and it’s nice to show your attendee(s) that you care.

4. Set the mood! – In order to maximize potential success of your party, it is important to set the right mood. Light a few candles, and turn on a smooth R & B playlist. This will make the vibe at your party relaxed and on track. (For on campus dwellers: It’s easy to set the mood for your party while following the rules! Pick up some flameless candles and you’ll be set.)

5. Don’t forget snacks! – It’s important to stock your room up with all sorts of snacks before your Super Bowl party. While most Super Bowl parties have pizza and wings, you could surprise your guests and have a dessert themed party. Chocolate is good, but you’ll really score a touchdown with chocolate covered strawberries.

6. Be careful! – In order to respect the recent concussion awareness campaign in the NFL, make sure to always be safe and use protection when having a Super Bowl party.

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