Fall Fashion Tips – Pit Stains

With a new school year upon us it seems like all of us here at Penn are looking to revamp our wardrobes to be trendy, stylish, and totally the scene. But, with all of these fashion tips crowding the internet, it’s hard to keep up. Real hard. Are those jeans too skinny? Do stripes and plaid still clash? Are bonnets making a come back?

After hours and hours of comprehensive research, The Punchbowl has found the one fashion trend that will make you totally “in” this fall — pit stains.

All it takes is one walk around campus to see the HUGE comeback that pit stains are making. Walking down locust you can catch some frat bros tossing a football and sweating right through those letters, or take a stroll through the Huntsman Forum to find your MGMT-100 TA dripping through that collared shirt and power tie.

We were able to chat with Engineering freshman Katie Barnes after noticing her totally rocking the “P-stains.” She explained, “It’s such an easy addition to any outfit. If it’s hot and humid enough outside, it just happens naturally, but on colder days, make sure to layer up whenever not in public to make sure those stains are noticeable when you really need them.”

As the weather permits, make sure you get the most of it. Once winter sets in, we might lose our natural ability to “stain,” but feel free to self-apply a splash of water here and there to complete your outfit.


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