Voter Registration on Campus Doesn’t Enter You in Cruise Raffle

Despite what you may think, filling out the “quick 5 minute survey” provided by the registration people on campus will not earn you a chance to win a free cruise. The shocking reality of the situation is that they are not collecting all of your personal information in a public area for the sole purpose of giving you a shot at an all inclusive 8-day trip through the Caribbean with opportunities to visit such great islands as Antigua, Turks and Caicos, and St. Thomas. Nor are they offering you a chance to relax by the cruise’s two pools, play some shuffleboard, or eat at buffets. To reiterate, this is not a chance to be entered into a raffle to win a shot at this cruise:

This affordable but classy cruise, which offers tons of exciting and fun opportunities, is actually not a part of the voter registration on campus. In fact, this registration merely gives you a measly opportunity to voice your opinion on the government and does not involve Caribbean barbecues or snorkeling.

“No we are not offering a free cruise, what the heck gave you that idea? We are just encouraging people to vote here on campus with no incentive,” said bewildered voter registration person Max Sleevey. Even after pestering him, he still was unsure as to why it was expected that people who registered to vote should be offered a chance to win an amazing, relaxing, and unforgettable cruise. Such as the cruise at this link:

But Penn students were definitely unsure on the matter. “It just seems like any other time someone pesters me for tons of personal information on the street they offer me some sort of reward, like for example a Caribbean get-away cruise for two. The fact that such a reward as a Caribbean get-away cruise for two was not a part of this experience is seriously disheartening” said Clint Donald (’18).

Whether you go with friends or family, this cruise on this cool boat offer such an amazing opportunity that regardless of whether or not it comes from a free raffle, you should go on it.

****The punchbowl is in no way sponsored by Princess Cruises, they just offer high quality relaxing cruises

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