Trump strikes liberal tone following meeting with Obama

Following the traditional transfer-of-power meeting with President Barack Obama Thursday, President-elect Donald J. Trump came away with a policy vision standing in stark contrast to his campaign message.

“I had a fabulous meeting with President Obama today,” Trump said to reporters following the session. “He has some great ideas. The best.”

“We’re going to take Obamacare and make it even better. He even said he’d let me call it Trumpcare from now on,” the businessman added. “And I’m gonna tax the wealthy — I can afford it. Believe me.”

Trump’s praise for his predecessor is something unseen in previous years, when the reality star openly questioned Obama’s faith and national origin.

However, the President-elect struck a much different tone Thursday.

“I only talk to the best people. He’s a President, I’m a President. It doesn’t get any smarter than us,” Trump declared.

Trump’s words drew an immediate concerned response from Republicans in Congress.

“I’m not sure what exactly Mr. Trump means by his comments, but I know he stands committed to finding conservative solutions to repair the damage done by Obama’s tenure,” Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said. “I look forward to working with him in the years to come.”

“Paul Ryan doesn’t seem to realize who’s in charge now,” Trump retorted when asked for comment. “He ran for Vice President four years ago and totally failed. Loser.”

“Obama totally killed him,” Trump continued. “Just like he schlonged Hillary. We’ve got that in common. We’re winners.”

Trump also added that he may consider Obama for a Supreme Court nomination, as he “shows good judgment. Just like me — presidential judgment.”

At press time, Trump had just concluded a separate meeting with George W. Bush, praising the former two-term president for his “strong action” in Iraq, adding that “I completely supported it from the beginning.”

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