Donald Trump Starts Twitter War with Himself

Upon being inaugurated, Donald Trump gained control of the official @POTUS Twitter account. Trump gained control of this username in addition to his personal account, which had a large impact on the 2016 election.

Trump used Twitter throughout the campaign to insult his rivals, prop himself up, and much more. This made many people curious: what would happen when Trump had access to not one, but two Twitter accounts?

Well, America got an answer to this question in a bigly way yesterday, when President Trump started a Twitter war between his two accounts. And, since we really have nothing better to do at this point than report Trump’s every move and pray for release from this hell, we reported the entire thing!

The war started with a pretty normal tweet by Donald Trump on his @POTUS account: “I had a million people at my inauguration! Much closer to Obama’s than the media says! Sad!”

However, Trump’s personal account took issue with this, realizing that President Obama had as many as 1.8 million people at his first inauguration. He quickly corrected this mistake: “My crowd inauguration crowd was the most bigly in history if you don’t count the 800,000 illegals at Obama’s inauguration! @POTUS can’t report the facts”

It was a contradiction that almost made Press Secretary Sean Spicer do a double take — Trump had just accused himself of lying! Unable to let this insult go, Trump’s POTUS account responded in kind: “@realDonaldTrump is a liar, and we used to treat liars a lot more harshly! Sad!”

We can only imagine Donald Trump on his personal account was fuming at this attack on his over-inflated ego, so hit the President right where it hurt: “@POTUS is probably one of the worst presidents in history! And his hands are small!”

The flinging of insults continued long into the night, with one notable break on the part of both accounts when the president was watching the O’Reilly Factor and writing up his next batch of executive orders.

However, the damage had already been done. Donald Trump had opened a rift in Twitter that would never heal, and Trump supporters were left unsure of which account they should shamelessly defend. It’s still unclear whether or not Trump will ever forgive this insult by Trump, but he we have four years to find out.

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