Sbarro Releases Statement in Support of Airport Protests

Tuesday morning, Sbarro released a statement to the press asserting that they were in support of the airport protests around the country, “or really anything that will bring in more customers.”

After President Trump’s ban on Muslim refugees and travelers from seven countries, airport protests sprang up to show support for those held. Supporters of the protests—including Democratic politicians—also advocated for those detained under the Executive Order to be released. And now, they have Sbarro on their side.

“The thousands of protesters around our great nation meant that our airport franchises saw a 500% spike in profit over this weekend. We at Sbarro stand with Muslim refugees of all faiths, and wholeheartedly endorse any sort of activity on their behalf that will bring more engaged consumers—I mean citizens—to Sbarro,” said spokesman Josh Coley, reading from the statement at a hastily-arranged press conference outside Sbarro’s east coast headquarters at LaGuardia Airport.

Sbarro is not the first company to come out against Trump’s executive order. Lyft announced that they would donate $1 million to the ACLU to help their work against the ban. However, Sbarro is the only airport chain to denounce the action.

To incentivize further collective action against Trump, Coley also announced that Sbarro would be implementing a new Pizza Protest program. “Every time someone comes to a protest at an airport, and brings an anti-Trump sign to Sbarro while purchasing any size pizza, they receive one-sixth of the Constitution printed on a magnetic pizza slice. Collect all six slices and get $3 off your next purchase of $12 or more at participating airport Sbarro locations.”

As of press time, Hudson News had not released a statement on the ban.

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