Acquaintance in Elevator Also Pleased by Recent Weather

PHILADELPHIA — The weather has reached a pleasant zone here in Philadelphia, PA and everyone seems to be enjoying it. Today the temperature was all the way up in the 70s. Isn’t that so nice? Everyone across campus is happy about it.

According to Jeff Staten (C’19) even the people you have awkward encounters with are enjoying today’s weather.

“Yeah I took an elevator ride up to the rooftop lounge and around the second floor the other person in the elevator ride recognized me and was like ‘Hey Jeff’ and internally I was like ‘OH GOD NO I STILL HAVE 23 FLOORS’ but I kept it cool and was just like ‘what’s up man?’ and then it was awkward so I had to fill the silence. So I was like ‘crazy nice weather’ and he was like ‘yeah’.”

Jeff is still unsure how he knows this random guy from the elevator but he claims the nice weather saved him. He also went on to say that he plans to sit on college green later today with his friends and wave to people he knows tangentially so that he seems more popular than he really is.

Jeff’s story goes to show just how nice this weather is. The Pennsylvania Punch Bowl hopes everyone is out there enjoying it.

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