NEW POLL: Majority of Wharton Students Say They are “The Least Wharton-y Wharton Student”

In a new poll released by the Wharton School, a resounding 80% of undergraduate Wharton students claim to be “the least Wharton-y Wharton student.” Of those 80%, a smaller fraction said they were, “probably the least Wharton-y student EVER” while some others claimed to have disdain for “sneks.”

Cited among the reasons why they are not Wharton-y, respondents claimed that they “don’t actually care about making a lot of money,” that they “aren’t working in i-banking in summer 2020” and that they “are minoring in fine arts, or something like that in the College,” among other answers.

Of the 20% who did not consider themselves among the least Wharton-y, about half asked, “what does that even mean?” and the other half asked, “what’s wrong with wanting to be successful?”

This has kept up a fairly consistent trend. Since 2008, the number of Wharton students claiming to be “the least Wharton-y” has been steadily increasing each year. It would seem as though Wharton would be a different place than it was ten years ago. Alas, it is not.

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