Weird Sophomore Goes Two Weeks without Mocking Freshmen

This week marks two weeks since classes began. More importantly, it marks two weeks since College sophomore Katie Summers last made fun of a new Penn student. Her ex-best friend, Carrie Reeves (C’22), told the Punchbowl, “On August 26, 2019 at 3:34 P.M. EST, Katie poked fun at a silly, lost, little baby freshman asking where Sansom was.”

According to Carrie, mocking freshman as a brand-new sophomore is a tradition* more important than “Hey Day, toast-throwing during the Homecoming game, and Spring Fling combined.” Carrie went on to boast about how she has not gone one day without ruthlessly mocking freshmen.

“It’s just, like, a rite of passage. I was made fun of as a freshman for asking where an NSO party was, so my sibling who will obviously come to Penn next year will be mocked, and my legacies — er, children — will also be the butts of jokes upon their arrival.” Upon further reflection, Carrie noted that the three generations of Penn students above her probably were mocked as freshmen too.

So, what was Katie’s ruthless tease anyway? After kindly pointing out where Sansom was to the freshman who had been on campus for 48 hours, she said, “Last year, I also had to ask where Sansom was!”

Carrie loved the obvious sarcasm of Katie’s vicious comment.


*Officially pending approval by Penn Traditions

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