OP-ED: Penn is becoming a haven for dirty socialists

By: Dean Browning

Across the board, people praised Penn’s recent decision to pledge $100 million dollars to the school district of Philadelphia. I for one, am deeply disappointed by this decision. It is clear to me that socialist forces have invaded the University of Pennsylvania, and are slowly converting it into a communist haven. 

Even though Penn makes massive profits through tax exemption, holding $2.5 billion worth of tax-exempt property in Philadelphia, this donation to the Philadelphia school system is socialism bearing its teeth down on us. How will students in Philly be motivated to study, if they aren’t facing imminent asbestos poisoning? 

This drives at the heart of my concern: I think the administration has grown soft in recent years, allowing communists to overrun the institution. Take Amy “communist” Gutmann, for example. Sure, she may make $3.6 million dollars a year, but giving to a nursing fund for a university she leads? The communists have overrun higher education! 

Penn may have an ungodly number of consulting and entrepreneurial clubs on campus, but these beacons of capitalist hope are no match for the brainwashing done on campuses. One minute, they’re asking you to state your gender pronouns. The next, they’re forcing you to call everyone comrade. This is just the reality we live in under socialist Joe Biden. Fight on, fellow brothers in arms.

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