OCR Playlist

by Jonathan Weinblatt

I may not be doing OCR, but here’s what I think it would be like … in song form:

The Monkees – I’m a Believer
Frank Sinatra – High Hopes
The Ataris – The Boys of Summer
Bruce Springsteen – Growin’ Up
Matchbox Twenty – Real World
U2 – City of Blinding Lights
Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven
Mase – Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Impression That I Get
Will Smith – Men in Black
Dave Matthews Band – Ants Marching
Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict a Riot

Metallica – Enter Sandman
Guns N Roses – Welcome to the Jungle
Goo Goo Dolls – Name (?)
Green Day – (Minority)
Ludacris – What’s Your Fantasy?
The Killers – Smile Like You Mean It
Liz Phair – Why Can’t I?
Papa Roach – Last Resort
Jefferson Airplane – Volunteers

Counting Crows – Long December
AC/DC – Highway to Hell
Creed – My Sacrifice
Ricky Martin – Livin’ La Vida Loca
The Beastie Boys – No Sleep Till Brooklyn
Jackson Browne – Running on Empty
Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer

Simon & Garfunkel – The Sounds of Silence

Blink 182 – Dammit
Tom Petty – Freefalling
Rob Thomas – This is How a Heart Breaks

Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On
Oasis – Don’t Look Back in Anger
Lynard Skynard – Sweet Home Alabama

Fall Out Boy – Homesick at Spacecamp

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