Exclusive Q&A with Aziz Ansari

The good folks at SPEC-TRUM gave us the opportunity to ask comedian and food enthusiast Aziz Ansari some rapid-fire questions. His answers do not disappoint:

Punch Bowl: What’s your favorite thing about being a comedian?

Aziz Ansari: I love that moment when you develop a new joke and its really working. It’s very rewarding.

PB: What was your favorite episode of Parks and Rec to shoot?

AA: That episode where Tom gets freaked out about Anne not knowing Ginuwine was fun. I liked the episode where Leslie and I get paired up for online dating. And of course, Treat Yo Self was a blast because we really were just chilling in spas and stuff.

PB: Who is responsible for DJ Roomba, and when will it/he be available for purchase?

AA: That was the creation of Parks writer Alan Yang I believe. I think you can buy them somewhere online actually.

PB: How much do you hate calzones?

AA: We make fun of them on Parks and Rec, but in real life, I don’t fuck with em either.

PB: What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten in Philly?

AA: I can’t remember, I had some cheese steaks at some place my friend Eric from Tim and Eric said was legit.

PB: You recently went to see the Watch the Throne tour with Rashida Jones. How was that?

AA: So fun, those Throne shows were epic!

PB: How did you get involved in the music video for “Otis”?

AA: I was with those guys when they recorded a lot of Watch the Throne and we became buds and they just asked me to do it. It was pretty surreal.

PB: If Kanye West was a food, what would he be?

AA: Hermes Potato Chips

PB: If your life could be like one Nicolas Cage movie, which movie would you choose?

AA: Raising Arizona or Face Off.

PB: Do you see a Human Giant reunion in the future?

AA: Not like a full on show, but I’m sure in shows or a one off sketch. I’m doing something in Paul Scheer’s Adult Swim show soon I think.

PB: Bugles. Are they chips?

AA: No, they are Bugles.

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