Milo Yiannopoulos Reinvited to CPAC After Controversial Healthcare Comments

At a press conference in New York on Tuesday afternoon, Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos asserted that “only white supremacists should receive health insurance.” As a result of his comments, he was re-invited to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend.

Yiannopoulos was originally uninvited on Monday after a tape surfaced of a January podcast on which he incorrectly claimed that boys as young as 13 could consent to sex. CPAC immediately denounced the tape and rescinded his invitation to speak, saying that he was “condoning pedophilia.”

However, after returning to a more standard Republican policy position this afternoon, CPAC changed their tune. Yiannopoulos expressed his contrition for his remarks on the tape and went on to state “I mean this in the most literal sense: If you are not a white supremacist, you do not deserve to have healthcare.” His press conference was widely hailed in conservative circles, and CPAC had no choice but to reinstate him to their speaking list.

“What we saw today was a passionate defense of conservative ideals. Not many people would have the guts to say what Milo did this afternoon. We thought it was only appropriate to look past the stories of this weekend and allow him to speak,” the American Conservative Union said in a statement shortly after the conclusion of the press conference, stating that “an articulate Republican agenda should not be censored by the liberal media, either.”

Yiannopoulos was confrontational when repeatedly asked to clarify what his statement went. “Look, just because the snowflakes are triggered doesn’t mean I should stop. All I’m saying is that I couldn’t care less if anybody who isn’t white dies due to preventable disease. And of course, white cuck liberals. If they’re mad at me for saying this, well, I must be doing something right.”

As of now, Yiannopoulos is set to speak at CPAC on Friday afternoon, the second day of the conference. He refused to reveal the topic of his speech when reached for comment. He did offer a hint: “All the conservatives loved me today. They’ll love me even more Friday.”

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