Fall DIYs With Little to No Purchases!


Fall finally fell! And here in isolation, you’ve crocheted every last piece of yarn and sewn every old t-shirt into a mask. You’re out of supplies… Looking around for household items you could hot glue together only gets you so far. It’s hard to keep blaming the dryer for stealing socks when your collection of fabric pumpkins keeps growing… But how can you resist? Fall is the season of color and harvest and cinnamon scented things. It was made for DIY crafting!


No matter where you’re spending your quarantine, you’re likely near a tree. Well, you can craft with that. Grab some of the prettiest leaves you can find and a thin, bendable branch. String them together to make an elegant fall wreath. Don’t like the leaves? Well, I’d bet you probably have acorns and pinecones. With a little hot glue, you have your work cut out for you! Using acorns for heads and little twigs for antlers, you could have a DIY nature reserve with herds of pinecone deer.


Maybe you’re not near any many trees, especially if you live in the city. There is still plenty of nature to work with! Take those pigeon feathers and tufts of squirrel fur to craft an ornate gown. Now that it’s fall again, you can wear that cozy fur you’ve missed all summer.


Not a fan of wildlife, but still want natural crafts? Well you’re a part of nature and so are your roommates… Many ancient kings had necklaces made of teeth. And blood is such a pretty red. Perfect for fall decorations!

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