Op-Ed: Why Penn Students Don’t Need Breaks

The truth of the matter is that we, as Penn students, don’t need any of the breaks that the administration so graciously gives us. The course work load is manageable, and we’re at a point in our lives when absolutely no other part of our life is important —  we don’t need to see friends, take mental health breaks, or EVER stop studying.

In making the decision to change spring break from a full 10 days to two days in the middle of the week, Penn consulted the up & coming student group — Students Against Breaks (SAB). This group, of which I’m a member, advocates that Penn students should be able to maximize the benefits we (or someone else) pay such an astronomical tuition for. For this, we should be entitled to more class time, which means that we should have no breaks in the semester. In the end, the administration made the decision to shorten Spring Break from 10 days to 2 days; a compromise, but nonetheless a win for our groups mission.

The next point for which we hope to advocate is the complete expulsion of the useless waste of time that is summer break. Classes should run year round with the most class time possible, even extending the amount of lecture per credit per week from 3 hours per week to 6 hours per week, where we’d finally be paying less than we’d pay a paralegal for each hour of class.

If you want to become a part of or support SAB, please email thepunchbowl@gmail.com

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