Student Finds Loophole For Penn Two-Day Spring Break

While some Penn students continue to fruitlessly complain on social media, most Penn students at this point have since accepted Penn’s two day spring break (and the heightened sense of depression and anxiety that will come with it).

But not Chris Alcove (E’23). An inspiration to us all, Alcove found the loophole no one else saw to get a FULL Spring break.

Unsure as to how Alcove found a way around this ironclad ruling by the Penn administration, The Punch Bowl reached out to Alcove to find out what this loophole was.

“Well, it was actually quite simple,” Alcove said. “Once I found out we wouldn’t have classes on Wednesday and Thursday, I simply signed up only for classes that met on Wednesday and Thursdays.”

Wow. Genius.

This strategy isn’t without some downfalls though.

“I have 12 hours of class on Wednesday, and 9 hours on Thursday. And I’m usually so drained that I sleep for the next 4 days. I’m actually failing all of my classes right now,” Alcove said, chuckling through tears. “But it will totally be worth it to get a full spring break.”

When asked what he plans to do with his week off, Alcove replied “it would be nice to go outside again. Maybe I’ll sit on a bench or something.”

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