New Finals Season Study Strategy: Compartmentalization

As finals season kicks into high gear, many of us are starting to feel the weight of our workload. We’ve all been there; stressed, cranky, nervous. Well, here’s a hot, new study tip that’s sure to relieve some of that finals season tension: compartmentalize! Here’s how you do it: 

Step 1: Recognize your emotions. Staying in touch with your emotional state is key to a healthy mental outlook. This first step is pivotal; take stock of how you feel and (if you’re feeling ambitious), why you feel that way!

Step 2: Bury them deep in your subconscious. Don’t work through them until after the semester is over! With that busy finals schedule, who has the time to work through all those complex and difficult feelings and fears?

Step 3: Drink heavily. This one speaks for itself. Who needs mental fortitude and self reflection when you have Crown Russe? I’ll take my panic attack straight, no chaser, barkeep!

Step 4: Cry in the fetal position. Pure bliss and relief! This final step will help you get through those long, sleepless nights while you question your career path and life choices at large! Take me back to the womb, babyyyyyyyyy!

And there you have it folks- These four easy steps separate you from a precarious stress of denial to a presentation of stability. Be sure to check in next week for our how-to on transferring out of your major-or just transferring out of Penn altogether!

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