We Write More Rupi Kaur Poetry About Penn

We, the “we write Rupi Kaur poetry about Penn” club, are back for another semester! Sure, SAC still hasn’t approved us as an official club yet, but it’s okay— nobody makes things official anymore. Anyway, we proudly present our newest collection of poems, titled: Penn and Paper.

trust issues

your heart

is like penn’s campus

finally opened up to me

but will it close


without warning?


i heard that even with

red Open Passes

security still lets you in

but in a way

don’t we all welcome

red flags?


i thought my youth

would be a

blank canvas

that i could freely color 

but my Canvas

is cluttered

with assignments

coming out of my

cave and

i’ve been doing



— looking on the Brightside of quarantine

it’s not

a phase,


— Wendell Pritchett on the COVID-19 Dashboard

mirror video

we need to reflect

and take a step back

but instead,

we Zoom.

socrates said

“the unexamined life

is not worth living”

so my professors made life

a series of exams

— on Midterm Season.

some things

are better left to the 



the bottom half of your face

that includes

your nose

— On Masks


your email found me 


in these

unprecedented times

but is anyone actually


hit my wallet one more time

every time

I see my tuition bill

I think:

if you seek Amy.

thanks, president gutmann.

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